Dear (Insert College Coach Name),

I am writing to express my strong interest in (Insert College/University Name) and your basketball program.  I currently attend (Insert Your High School Name) in (Insert Town) and will graduate in the spring of 20__.  I would like to initiate a dialogue regarding your athletic program and academic institution.

During this upcoming spring season, I will be playing for (Insert High School and Level) in the (League Type) for (Insert Coach Name).  Attached is the preliminary schedule for the season.  I play (Insert Position) and have (Insert Best Quality - Speed, Strength, Shooting, Defense, etc).  One of my strengths both as a player and as a student is (Insert Your Strength).  In fact, last year I was awarded (Insert Award Name If Applicable).  My winter basketball plans have me playing for (Insert Winter Team Name), coached by (Insert Coach Name).  The schedule will include both, league play and select tournaments.

I feel (Insert College/University Name) and its basketball program are great matches for my academic ability, my athletic ability and my personal goals.  I am excited to move forward in this process and look forward to speaking with you in greater detail.  I welcome you to access my (Insert Online Basketball Profile/Video) profile which contains personal, academic and athletic information; my profile can be viewed at the following URL:

(Insert Link Here)

I look forward to future correspondence with you.


(Insert Your Full Name)